Crescent Harbor Blueberry Farm

      Growing earth friendly blueberries!

About Us

The Crescent Harbor Bleberry Farm is located on Whidbey Island, outside Oak Harbor, Washington.  This small rural, privately-owned farm, produces berries for the local markets in Island and Skagit counties.  The farm consists of two and a half acres of 15-year old blueberry plants and a half acre of raspberries, Marian berries, tayberries and boysenberries.
The farm operation is "earth friendly" with major efforts expended to control pests and diseases by maintaining a clean, weed free environment.
The producers are active members of the Washington State Farmers Market Association and the farm has received the Washington State American Farm award for the last five years for its contributions to the community.  As members of the Oregon Blueberry Growers Association, the producers participate in quarterly meetings and on-going education classes and have submitted articles for publication in the quarterly newsletters that were focused on control of mummy berry disease.
Currently the farm is working with the Island County Planning & Community Development staff of the Island County Agricultural Review Committee to improve and quantify the agricultural environmental impacts of small-scale farming as it applies to the County Growth Management Act.
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